How NOT to Teach Your Puppy to Sit

I’ve all the time puzzled the beginning of the follow of pushing a pet or canine’s backside to the bottom with a view to “train her to sit down.” Who was once the primary particular person to do that, and why is the motion so universally repeated via people everywhere the sector? And, given its ubiquity, why don’t other people do that with kittens or chickens or some other species of animal? Why do other people push canines’ rear ends to be able to drive them to sit down?

My guesses are those: Other folks do it as it every now and then works; the canine or pet learns that to steer clear of the discomfort of being compelled to bend the entire joints of their rear ends, they must simply sit down down. And that when somebody has noticed somebody else do that with obvious luck, they believe perhaps they’re going to take a look at it, too!

However those are deficient guesses, as a result of I’ve proven loads of other people how you can get their doggies or canines to sit down with out touching them – and with out pronouncing “Sit down! Sit down! SIT!” – and running shoes I do know have taught 1000’s and maybe even tens of 1000’s of other people, and but the force-free manner hasn’t appeared to have “long past viral” in the similar manner. Simply closing night time, somebody discussed educating a pet to sit down via pushing her backside all the way down to the bottom and pronouncing “Sit down!”


1. Canines, or even very younger doggies, already understand how to sit down.

2. What other people appear to need to do is train them to “sit down on cue.”

3. Bodily pushing and bending an uncomprehending buddy into a special place whilst repeating a phrase they don’t know the which means of isn’t the easiest way to perform #2.

As we have now defined in lots of articles in WDJ, it’s extremely simple to show a canine or pet to sit down on cue and there are many ways to go about it. You’ll be able to “seize” the sit down (mark/praise each and every time the canine occurs to sit down), “trap” her right into a sit down and mark/praise, or “shape” the sit down to appear to be the precise type of sit you want.

The usage of drive – even only a delicate push on an lovable pet’s again finish – isn’t essential to show a canine to accomplish behaviors on cue. WDJ’s Coaching Editor, Pat Miller, wrote a nice piece some years ago about coaching errors – and, from my viewpoint, making an attempt to show sit down (or some other habits) on this manner is natural folly.

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